Endpoint Security & Encryption

Safeguard Your Organization's Intellectual Property

At AHS², we understand your organization cannot afford data loss and compromised security. We want to protect your intellectual property and secure any and all endpoints connecting to your network. This goes beyond simple anti-virus protection to include antimalware, web filtering and more. With increasing numbers of remote employees, it is now more important than ever to ensure protection for all points of entry in order to monitor and prevent malicious activity such as ransomware, phishing and cyberattacks.


To that end, it is also imperative to protect your sensitive data, rendering it unreadable to outside viewers. The last thing your organization needs is to incur a hefty fine due to a breach. The solutions we offer are vital to your ongoing operations, whether you are a small business or a larger enterprise. Cyber criminals do not discriminate. Learn how AHS² can secure your assets and ease your mind. Contact us today.

Network Analysis and Security Assessment

Is your network and all of its PCs, Servers, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones secure and capable of continuing to support your growing business needs? Schedule your no-obligation Network Analysis and Security Assessment to find out!

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Our IT Solutions can help your organization

The experience of our Network Engineers and Technicians, combined with our strategic partnerships, allows us the ability to competently evaluate all of your organization’s IT needs and design effective IT Solutions.

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